Kelly Ripa, Daniel Dae Kim
Credit: Getty Images (2)

Kelly Ripa and the Live! crew are jetting to Hawaii for the week! And while we all wish we were going with her, one lucky man actually is: Hawaii Five-0 star Daniel Dae Kim (fitting!). This isn't the first time they've paired up; Kim actually helped her host another series of episodes in Hawaii earlier this year. So we want to know: Has Ripa gotten any closer to picking a full-time co-host? "They've all been spectacular," Ripa told us at Super Saturday. "I think we’ve had 57 men and women in that chair, and we haven’t had a dud yet." But, she added, "It's like The Bachelor. Eventually you want to see the girl settle down. It's fun now, and people are really enjoying it, but I think people want to see me get 'married.'" Tell us: Who would you put in the chair next to Ripa?

Plus, see all of her co-hosts so far!