Kelly Ripa's Tuesday Throwback Was Too Good to Keep Until #TBT

It's going way back.

Kelly Ripa has a firm grip on social media, so you know that if she's breaking Throwback Thursday tradition, it has to be for a good reason. Today, Ripa shared a family photo with her followers, noting that the photo was so old, in fact, that it was taken on film, something that some kids these days may not have ever encountered. In her caption, she explained that the photo was taken on a camera and that the film had to be developed. No iPhones, no filters, it was as old school as it gets.

The photo features Ripa alongside her three kids and her husband, Mark Consuelos. The kiddos may look older, but what might shock some of Ripa's followers isn't the throwback camera, it's the fact that Consuelos and Ripa both look like they haven't aged a single day.

"I know it's not Thursday, but i just found this photo," she wrote. "In an album. From a camera. With film. That we developed. Like the kids do now." She added a camera emoji for emphasis.

Today's vintage snapshot is just the latest of Ripa's IG antics. In the past, she's posted steamy photos of her husband. She's had her daughter report those steamy photos to Instagram and lightheartedly joked that her own son gave her job on one of his projects. As long as she keeps sharing gems like today's family portrait and that creepy-but-amazing Mark Consuelos pillow, she'll keep racking up the Likes and followers.

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