"Can't say he looked thrilled ... " 


Summer is winding down, and for many of us, that means shaking our vacation brains and getting back into gear at work. For some of us, it means going back to school — and in honor of the first days back on campus, Kelly Ripa posted a very relatable throwback photo of her and Mark Consuelos's youngest son, Joaquin, looking very unhappy about his first day of school.

"#tbt 2006 Back to school edition. Joaquin’s very first day of school ever. Can’t say he looked thrilled about it 😕," she captioned the photo.

Not only does he look as if he's not ready to let go of summer, young Joaquin looks like the spitting image of Ripa — with maybe a dash of Consuelos's trademark eyebrow power.

Joaquin, 16, is the last of Ripa and Consuelos's "nest" — earlier this week, they sent daughter Lola off to college at New York University, where older brother Michael also went to school.

Ripa shared a photo of herself with Lola to mark the occasion, writing, "The nest is getting roomy..."

In an Instagram story she posted while dropping Lola off, Ripa joked that her daughter was "literally like, bye ma."

As exciting as the start of college can be, we'll probably be over here like Joaquin, frowning about the end of summer.