"We work and we expect our kids to as well."


Kelly Ripa has been under fire for a recent comment she made about her son Michael and his post-college living situation.

During a Tuesday appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Ripa spoke about how difficult it's been for her to push her two oldest children, Michael and Lola, into living their own independent lives outside of the house.

During the segment, Ripa joked about Michael flying the coop, noting that her 22-year-old son "loves the freedom" but "hates paying his own rent."

She went on to call him "chronically poor," stating she didn't think he had ever experienced "extreme poverty" until now. It was an apparent lighthearted comment meant in jest, as she laughed about how tough it was to make her children finally leave home.

On Wednesday, Ripa responded to commentary from users who didn't find her joke so funny. Some called her "out of touch," and others told her she "had no clue" what extreme poverty was, given the fact that she and husband Mark Consuelos (and their children) lived in a townhouse in New York City's Upper East Side. Ripa wasn't having any of this, as she went on the defense over her joke on a photo of her with son Michael she posted to Instagram over the weekend.

"Michael goes to college and is a senior and works full time," Ripa fired back in response to commenters. "He is in his first non parent subsidized apt with roommates. I'm used to getting a lot of slack because people love to have fake outrage over something they didn't see." she wrote. "They only read a headline and wag their tired fingers. I didn't grow up privileged and neither did @instasuelos."

The frustrated star wasn't done there, as she made sure to address all of her haters while she had the floor, so to speak.

"We work and we expect our kids to as well," she added. "And the fact that a pack of fools want to bitch about that, i say let em," she concluded.

Some users leapt to Ripa's defense, thanking her for being "rational," insisting that she didn't need to explain herself. For others, her comments only sought to add fuel to the fire.

But given Kelly's struggles with ensuring both kids are doing fine on their own (and not continuing to pester their parents), it seems like she has bigger things to worry about at the moment – like keeping her daughter Lola from sneaking back home to throw house parties.

It looks like whether you're a celebrity mom or otherwise, dealing with your kids leaving the nest can be a frustrating situation.