"He's missing the best part of himself ... "

By Isabel Jones
Updated Oct 16, 2019 @ 12:15 pm
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For the past 23 years, Kelly Ripa has had husband Mark Consuelos's back — and now she has his head and neck, too …

Ripa shared a video of herself cuddling with an almost life-size pillow designed in her husband’s likeness on Tuesday. “He’s so quiet today. Such a quiet baby,” she whispered to the plush iteration of the Riverdale star in her Instagram story.

Credit: Instagram/kellyripa
Credit: Instagram/kellyripa

But despite the serenity of this new Mark, Ripa agreed he wouldn’t make a great stand-in, as he’s “missing the best part of himself”: his bottom half. Plus, his head is a little large …

Credit: Instagram/kellyripa
Credit: Instagram/kellyripa

Consuelos re-grammed Ripa’s story, which we’ll take as tacit acceptance of the new man in her life?

Netflix, we have a pitch: Living with Yourself, but instead of two Paul Rudds it’s just Consuelos facing off against an inanimate pillow. Let’s rush this into production? You can thank us later.

In the meantime, your own Consuelos pillow can be purchased on Etsy.