White hot — literally.


Things are heating up down south, but it's not because of global warming, it's because Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos are sizzling in matching suits during their Mexican vacation. According to Entertainment Tonight, Ripa and Consuelos not only had matching all-white swimwear, they were also showing off their very complementary physiques while soaking up the sun.

In the snapshots, Ripa is wearing an all-white bikini with a coordinating hat and, because twinning together could be the secret to a happy marriage, Consuelos is wearing white trunks and a matching hat. What else was matching? Their ripped bods. Consuelos can thank the keto diet for his, but Ripa explained that she couldn't ever go that far. Instead, she opts for cardio almost every day of the week, whether it's a class at SoulCycle or high-intensity training.

Kelly Ripa Mark Consuelos Beach

"My husband has gone full keto, which I don't mind telling you is something I could never do," Ripa told Bon Appétit. "I just don't have that level of discipline. Mark says that I'm carb-o, because I always eat his bun if he gets a burger. And the fries. But you know, I work out, so I feel like I’m allowed."

ET adds that seeing the pair in their swimsuits isn't anything new, since Consuelos has posted shots of his wife on IG before. The whole twinning thing though, that's new — and in this case, it's definitely not the sort of too-sweet coupley thing that would give us cavities. When it looks this great, there's no hating.