Kelly Ripa Joked That She and Mark Consuelos Have This One "Incompatibility"

It's not what you might expect.

It's hard to imagine Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos being incompatible in any way, but the talk show host joked about the one way in which she and her husband are misaligned: their hand-holding styles.

Ripa shared an Instagram story on Tuesday of herself holding hands with her husband, with her hand bent at an odd angle to hang onto his. We hadn't heard of a "hand-holding incompatibility" before this, but apparently, this is what it looks like. Is it about the wrist placement? The hand size? Is this something new we need to think about?

Kelly Ripa IG Embed

Thankfully, after 20 years of marriage, they're presumably compatible in all the ways that matter — even if their daughter Lola thinks they're "absolutely repulsive."

And at least they're on the same page about New Year's resolutions. Last month, the couple shared their resolutions with InStyle, with Consuelos telling us that his goal was to "snore less."

"Ready for mine?" Ripa responded. "I agree."

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