Kelly Ripa's Going to Call Mark Consuelos "Daddy" Whether You Like it Or Not

Don't come for Kelly's nickname for her hubby.

If you spend any amount of time on Kelly Ripa's Instagram account, you'll know that she plays no games when it comes to catty commenters.

The Live! with Kelly and Ryan host had the perfect response to someone who apparently took offense to the fact that Kelly calls her husband Mark Consuelos "Daddy." In a recent Instagram post, she shared a snap of Consuelos with a slick new haircut with a cheeky caption.

"#daddy got a haircut. That’s right, i said it. #DADDY," Kelly wrote in reference to a previous exchange about her pet name for Mark. In November 2019, another Instagram commenter took issue with the moniker as well.

"I love mark and jelly but it creeps me out when she calls him, 'Daddy,'" the fan wrote. Kelly apparently did not care that she "creeped" them out, as she didn't miss a beat with her response.

"It creeps me out when you call me jelly," Ripa joked.

This time around, one particular commenter (@skinnercathy) apparently wasn't a fan of Kelly's nickname, nor the way it was presented in her Instagram caption.

"Oh grow up," they wrote. Never one to let words like that slide, Kelly replied with a lighthearted snipe at "Cath":

"Oh go appreciate your animals and recite your mantra cath 😂."

Kelly didn't need to look far for "ammunition" to back up her ultimate clapback. Commenter @skinnercathy's Instagram biography reads "I love animals. That's quite obvious. I'm also a spiritual person. I love my life. Smile. Life is a precious gift. Appreciation is my mantra."

It didn't take much to get a lighthearted barb in at the naysayers. In the meantime, it looks like Kelly's effectively established that she's not going to stop calling Mark "Daddy"...whether her fans (or haters) are into it or not.

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