Kelly Ripa Posted Such a Steamy Video of Mark Consuelos That Their Daughter Reported It

The talk show host's "thirst trap Friday" did not impress the 17-year-old much.

After nearly 23 years of marriage, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos still act like newlyweds — bringing a healthy dose of PDA to the red carpet and taking every opportunity they have to gush about one another.

And while we personally love the actors’ highly demonstrative relationship, not everyone is so positive about it — namely, Kelly and Mark’s 17-year-old daughter, Lola.

The talk show host celebrated “thirst trap Friday” with a video obtained by Consuelos’s Riverdale co-star, K.J. Apa. In it, Mark wanders around backstage looking perplexed. “Have you seen my phone?” he asks Apa off camera, lifting his shirt, ostensibly searching for the device within the crevices of his truly impressive eight-pack.

Soon after Ripa posted the video, Lola commented, “I just reported this,” to which her mom countered, “Shouldn’t you be reading a book or something?”

This isn’t the first time Kelly and Mark’s social media hijinks have upset their middle child. Just last week Lola objected to Ripa’s caption on a throwback photo of the pair.

Keep doing you, Kelly. While Lola may be vaguely nauseous, the rest of us are fully here for the Consuipa (go with it) content.

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