The Consuelos kids are having a hard time leaving the nest.


Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos just sent their daughter Lola off to college a few months ago, but she's having a hard time leaving the nest. At least, the roof of said nest.

During a guest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Ripa said that she caught Lola sneaking back into the house — just 12 hours after moving away — even though when she and Consuelos dropped their daughter off at New York University this fall, the 18-year-old couldn't leave fast enough.

"She jumped out of a moving cab when we took her to her dorm," Ripa joked. "'You won't see me. I won't be back. You don't have to worry. Maybe I'll be home for Thanksgiving, maybe I won't. Maybe I'll do other things.'"

Those other things, it turns out, include throwing a house party back in her parents' home — which, to be fair, as Ripa said, is just ten minutes away from NYU.

"So, we drop her off on a Saturday," Ripa said. "It is the end of summer vacation, so we go back out to Long Island for the rest of the summer. Drop her off on a Saturday. Sunday evening, our alarm trips. My daughter's having a party on the roof of our house! She was gone 12 hours and came home."

Ripa and Consuelos's eldest, Michael, pulled a similar move when he went away to NYU a few years ago.

"Michael, we drop him off freshman year," she said. "Drop him off at his dorm, we have lunch together, we look at each other, we say, 'We did it. We have a child in college. We did it! Oh my gosh.' We come home—it's about 10 minutes away. We come home, walk through the front door, he is standing in the hallway."

She added that her and Consuelos's compromise for the kids was that they could attend NYU as long as they came home only during "regular visiting hours."

"Your dad and I need to rediscover each other," she recalled joking to them.

It looks like their youngest, Joaquin, will have to broaden his options when his time for college comes.

"He's not allowed to even apply to NYU," she said.