Kelly Ripa Had Her Earlobes Surgically Corrected

Listen up.

Kelly Ripa has quite the collection of piercings. Eagle-eyed fans know that she has more than just the standard pair. In fact, she has four holes in her left ear and three in her right, but in a clip she shared on Instagram, she said that she's actually had more — and not in a good way. Ripa explained that she had to have her earlobes surgically corrected because they were damaged from wearing heavy earrings. The holes stretched out, creating "gauges" in her ears, which she had to get repaired.

"I had gauges, like hanging gauges," Ripa said in the video. "See these holes up here," she said as she pointed to the spot where her diamond studs are. "These were my earholes that tore all the way through. So, I had to go to a plastic surgeon."

Kelly Ripa CNN Heroes
J. Countess/Getty Images

She goes into the grisly details, saying that the surgeon had to sew up the holes and piece her ear back together.

"There's a piece of my earlobe that's not there because he had to sew it together," she added. She said that her left ear fared far better: "This one really recovered very nicely. This one is perfect. [The right one] was just way worse. The damage was worse."

It's not just the earrings that are to blame, however. Ripa admitted that part of the problem may have come from who pierced her ears: namely, herself. An off-camera voice mentions "a needle and an apple," to which Ripa whole-heartedly agreed.

"Mine are crooked because half of these are self-pierced," she noted. It seems that things are fine now, since Ripa's wearing earrings — and lots of them, at that — without a problem.

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