Kelly Ripa Came for a Troll Who Said She'd "Do Anything to Keep" Husband Mark Consuelos

Grammar nerds, this one's for you.

Patrons of the internet should know better by now than to come for Kelly Ripa in her own comments section.

The talk show host, who’s faced her share of criticism this week, posted a cute throwback photo of herself from 1993 in a glittering, circus-inspired Bob Mackie dress. And as no good TBT goes unpunished, one “fan” construed her love of a regrettable red carpet decision as a manifestation of her insecurity because husband Mark Consuelos is “looking hot."

“Meaning … you must be insecure to post pictures of WAYY YESTERDAY! AND A [sic] STRONGLY BELIEVE YOU ARE HAVING A HARD TIME HAVING YOUR # Daddy … lol … looking hot … and you will do anything to keep him … so obvious to ppl with good eyesight,” user @guardanapomaria commented. For what it’s worth, my eyesight is 20/20 and I didn’t see any of that.

Ripa didn’t let that unwarranted takedown go unchecked. She responded, “hi Maria, do you not know how throw back Thursday works? It’s a throwback photo, not a time machine. Maybe your good eyesight can help you with your punctuation and overall sentence structure.”

Yaaas, Kelly — hit ‘em where it hurts, dat “overall sentence structure.”

User @Jessica.ddt said it best, “Why do people seem to think Kelly is like too ugly for Mark or something? She’s absolutely stunning! Yes, now, not just in the past! She’s gorgeous! So many blind people out there .”

Might be time to head to the optometrist, Maria.

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