Kelly Ripa's Rainbow Streak Continues! Check Out Her New Hue

Kelly Ripa Hair Transformation - Lead/Slide
Photo: Instagram/@ryantrygstadhair (2)

Did Kelly Ripa and Nicole Richie swap hair inspiration boards on Pinterest? On the heels of the latter color chameleon returning to a more-natural blonde hue, Ripa has taken her strands in the opposite direction. Only weeks after taking her signature blonde to a hot pink shade, the talk-show host took to Instagram yesterday to unveil her vivid blue tone—while making a witty Eminem reference in her caption.

"This took almost five hours. I wanted to try blue because I wanted to try pink and I really liked it," she said this morning on Live with Kelly and Michael. "My sons love it. They think I look like a superhero."

Ripa has been keeping her colorist Ryan Trygstad busy as of late, and the photos he took of her new look suggest that she's not done playing just yet. "The healthiest hair in the world. What color is next?" he wrote alongside a shot of her aquamarine lob. We have a strong feeling she'd look great working any shade out of the ROYGBIV spectrum, though only time (and her Instagram feed) will tell her next hair color move.

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