Her highlights may be a subtle tweak, but they make a huge difference.


This fall, celebrities have been going for dramatic haircut and color changes. In the past few weeks, Ashley Benson went brunette, Laura Harrier chopped her long hair off into a lob, and Demi Lovato added neon pink tips to her dark bob. However, making a major switch to your hair isn't the only way to freshen up what you're currently working with — just ask Kelly Ripa.

Yesterday, the star made a subtle mid-season tweak to her signature blonde hair, and documented her entire coloring session on Instagram. Ripa met up with her colorist Ryan Trygstad, who added even more highlights to her warm, honey blonde hair.

"Blondish. A new series maybe? Coming this fall to #abc," Ripa captioned the selfie she took of Trygstad and herself while her color was processing.

Once Trygstad rinsed, washed, and blew-out the star's hair, he posted Ripa's new look to his Instagram story, as well. Her fresh highlights are brighter and icier, adding more dimension to her blonde color.

Kelly Ripa
Credit: ryantrygstadhair

Take Ripa's new hair color as an example of how transform your hair color without stepping out of your comfort zone.