Kelly Osbourne $1 Million Manicure - Azature
Credit: WireImage (2); Courtesy Photo

With a steady hand and the right nail polish, a manicure that looks like a million bucks is pretty attainable, but for the Azature Black Diamond Affair in West Hollywood last week, Kelly Osbourne lacquered up in a sparkly hue that actually lived up to the steep $1 million sticker price. To follow up on its now-infamous $250,000 black diamond nail polish, which Osbourne donned at the 2012 Emmys, Azature recently launched a white diamond version -- complete with actual diamonds crushed into the polish -- priced at a cool million. While Osbourne got to wear the shade for the event, it wasn't all about aesthetics. If sold, the million dollars will go toward two causes that hit close to home for the Fashion Police host. "I still can't get my head around the price, but if I help this magnificent little bottle get sold, a big amount of money will be donated to The Sharon Osbourne Colon Cancer Foundation, and Race to Erase MS!" Osbourne wrote on Instagram alongside a picture of her blinged-out digits. (Her mother, Sharon, battled colon cancer in 2002, and brother Jack was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2012.) If you're eager to recreate the effect at a fraction of the cost, Azature also has a $30 version of the high-priced original. Find it at

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