By Andrea Cheng
Updated Aug 21, 2014 @ 9:01 am
Kelly Osbourne at the Emmys
Credit: BEImages

With the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards less than a week away, Tinseltown is in full prep mode for TV's biggest night. Essentially, the pressure is on for everyone involved (us, included).

At least for Kelly Osbourne, she can take a breather now that she has her dress (aka the main attraction) mapped out. "A very fabulous designer from the U.S., who I will not say yet, has made me a couture dress, and I’m over the moon," she tells at the preview of her new fashion collection, Stories by Kelly Osbourne (slated to launch Sept. 25 on HSN). "When [the designer] sent me pictures, I was like, '[horrified gasp] I don't wear brown; I've never worn anything like this,' but when it came, it wasn't brown. It's a beautiful eggplant, mauve color, and it fit perfectly. I'm so excited for the Emmys."

Crisis averted! Well, for the time being. As a star who grew up in the spotlight, Osbourne is a natural in front of the camera. Combined with her gig as a fashion correspondent for E!, she knows the ins and outs of basically every major awards show. But does she get anxious at all?

"I s— myself every single time," Osbourne colorfully deadpans. In all seriousness though, she reveals, "I get so nervous. I'm on camera and I'm not scripted in any way. It just says 'Kelly ad lib' on the teleprompter."

We're rooting for you, Kelly—and we're counting down the days until we get to see your red carpet look. If you're biding your time as well, start by flipping through our arrivals gallery from last year's Emmy Awards.