Kelly Clarkson Shuts Down Rumors That She's "Taking Weird Pills" for Weight Loss

She didn't take any shortcuts, thank you very much.

Kelly Clarkson is officially setting the record straight about her recent weight loss — and unhealthy diet pills have nothing to do with it.

On Thursday, the singer took to Twitter to shut down "fake news" that she's "taking weird pills" to achieve a slimmer frame. "Other fake news that’s going around about me is that I’ve been taking weird pills 4 weight loss or doing weird fad diets," Clarkson wrote. "All of this is not true."

"I ain’t got time 4 all that. I eat the same stuff I always have. It’s all just made w/different flours/sugars/ingredients," she added alongside the hashtag #DrGundry, in reference to doctor Steven Gundry who wrote The Plant Paradox and inspired Kelly's nutrition overhaul nearly a year ago.

Last summer, Clarkson revealed that she lost 37 pounds, thanks to a new "clean eating" diet for her thyroid. “I did it for this autoimmune disease that I had and I had a thyroid issue,” Clarkson explained to People. And a source added that "weight loss wasn't the goal" and Kelly just wanted to reboot her health.

Kelly Clarkson ACM Awards
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“It’s basically about how we cook our food, non-GMO, no pesticides, eating really organic,” Clarkson said of Dr. Gundry's approach to diet. "All my levels are back up. I’m not on medicine anymore because of this book.”

And according to Kelly, exercise wasn't part of her new regimen. In November, the star tweeted about her disdain for physical activity. "This just in…. I still hate working out. I’m sweaty, red, and not any thinner,” wrote the singer. “People say it’s good for your heart…. but people also say red wine is good for your heart.”

Red wine and no exercise? Now, that's a weight loss plan we can all adopt.

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