By Lara Walsh
Updated Nov 17, 2017 @ 10:00 am

While Sunday night's American Music Awards certainly boasts a star-studded roster, the first-time duet between vocal powerhouses Pink and Kelly Clarkson is perhaps the most anticipated performance of the evening.

And, it turns out, the American Idol alum shares fans's excitement over the iconic pairing, revealing that while she's a strong musical force herself, she can't stop fangirling over her fellow singer. "Oh my gosh, I'm so excited," the "Stronger" star gushed to Entertainment Tonight about performing with Pink for the first time. "I've never met her before."

While Clarkson isn't a member of the "Just Give Me a Reason" hitmaker's inner circle (yet!), she was quick to pile on the praise given the mom of two's reputation in the industry, explaining that she feels a sense of camaraderie with her musical peer. "I think, honestly, at the end of the day, even though we're different artists, at the core, we both love great singers, we both love soulful music," she said. "She's branched out just like me, in like the singer-songwriter kinda country stuff or rock 'n' roll. We both love a lot of the same things."

She continued: "I think, too, just the level of respect that comes with that, the admiration. Even though we are different, we do have a lot of similarities. I've been really excited about doing this with her."

It turns out, the admiration is mutual. After the "Miss Independent" singer took to Twitter to admit that she can't help but get a little starstruck around the songstress, Pink sent back a few sweet words of her own.

"Gonna play it super cool whilst singing with @Pink this Sunday at the#AMAs but know on the inside I will be freaking the &$@! out," she began the social media love fest, to which Pink responded, "You're joking! I am humbly prepared to be out sung. I adore you and I cannot wait."

Sounds like it'll be a performance for the books!