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Nov 24, 2015 @ 12:30 pm

Scream Queens star Keke Palmer teamed up with U.K. fast-retailer Primark last week to host a launch party for the brand's second U.S. store, which opens in Pennsylvania's King of Prussia Mall on Wednesday. For Palmer, Primark was a natural partnership. "I started by researching their aesthetic and I liked how they made really nice pieces that were affordable," she tells InStyle. "They're on top of all the latest trends."

As for her favorite Primark item? "Their faux fur!" she says. "I love a good faux fur. It allows me to still be luxe when I'm dressed down in sneakers and jeans."

Now that Scream Queens has finished shooting, Palmer dished on all things Zayday. "Zayday is a little more diva than me," she says. "She never wears flats and she wears a whole lot of chunky jewelry. But playing Zayday has really given me a lot of confidence in my own personal style as well because she is just herself. She's not afraid to try it."

Palmer even had a hand in picking out her character's wardrobe. "I think I definitely gave Zayday a '90s influence," she explains. "That was something I consciously had a part in. I was always saying 'Yes let's rock that midriff!'"

No spoilers here, but Palmer did give us one tidbit about the killer. "Ryan [Murphy] said in the beginning that the killer was obvious," she says. "So he made us believe that it wasn't obvious, but it honestly was really obvious. I'm so excited to see what people think."

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