By InStyle Staff
Updated Jun 24, 2013 @ 3:25 pm
Credit: Francesco Carronzzini

Keith Urban has got the voice (one part tenor, two parts country twang), the brilliant wife (Nicole Kidman), and cute kids (Sunday, 5, and Faith, 2). He's got more awards than you can shake a Fender guitar at, and he's bound to win accolades for his new Light the Fuse tour. This month, the Australian-born country crooner sat down with InStyle to talk about everything, from music to fragrance to fashion, for our "Man of Style" feature in the Salma Hayek-covered July issue. One thing we learned: His laid-back sense of style translates both on and off the red carpet. “I don’t suffer for fashion,” Urban said. “If you don’t feel comfortable, then the clothes wear you.” Scroll down to see read an excerpt of our exclusive interview, and read the full story by flipping to page 57 of our July issue, or download it on your tablet.

I notice you've become a whole lot spiffier on the red carpet. Is that a conscious decision or the evolution of personal style?"It's the evolution of a good marriage [laughs]. Some of that comes with success as well. The folks at Prada have always been helpful to me. I like more of a rock-and-roll cut of pants, lower on the hips rather than the high-waist ones that come with a classic suit. I love hand-tied bow ties. The classic simplicity and tailoring of '20s- and '30s-style clothes are beautiful and timeless."

How would you describe your look?"I like a good cut. That's really it, whether it's a T or jeans—or anything. Pretty much every pair of jeans I have is a Levi's of some sort. I own Rag & Bone cords, but I love Levi's."

The "Detroit vs. Everybody" T-shirt you wore for the Michigan episode of Idol created national awareness of its designer, Tommey Walker. Are there other clothing lines you love?"I like Ames Bros. shirts, but I buy a lot in vintage places and on eBay. The vintage concert Ts were cut better: shorter sleeves, good collars, and better fabric. I do a lot of my concert merchandise line based on those."

Your song "You Look Good in My Shirt" is a crowd favorite. What do you like to see a woman wear?"It depends. It's got to be about the person—what her personality is like, how she's built, and just the way she moves. But in general, I don't like overly colorful stretchy clothes, especially pants. You know what I'm talking about? Really bright, bright oranges and blues. It's not my thing."

Do your girls love music?"Yeah, they do! They always react to it, particularly Faith. She'll just get up and move around. Sunday loves 'I Love It,' by Icona Pop. She'll start singing it in the car, and that's hysterical."

Photo: Keith Urban in Mercantile vintage T-shirt. Levi's jeans. All jewelry and belt, his own. T.O. Dey Custom Shoes boots.