Keith Urban Explained How Nicole Kidman Broke Her Ankle

Fans spotted her in a walking boot in an Instagram snap.

Eagle-eyed fans spotted Nicole Kidman wearing a walking boot in one of Keith Urban's Instagram posts and now, the country crooner finally let everyone in on exactly why she opted for that specific look. People reports that during an appearance on the Australian show The Project, urban hurt her ankle when she went on a routine run in their neighborhood.

Kidman tripped in a pothole, rolled her ankle, and suffered a "small break," Urban explained.

"She broke her ankle so there's not been a whole lot of dancing in the house," Urban said. "About five weeks ago, she was running around the neighborhood as she does and just didn’t see a pothole and rolled her ankle and got a small break in her ankle."

Keith Urban Nicole Kidman Walking boot ankle injury
Bertrand Rindoff Petroff/Getty Images

He continued, saying that Kidman's been wearing the walking boot for several weeks now and is still recovering from the injury.

"She's been relegated to the boot for the last handful of weeks and is still getting through it," he added. "But her spirits have been amazing, I gotta say. She's been handling it way better than I would've."

Fans spotted the boot in Urban's photos and noticed that Kidman had posted similar photos, but cropped them so that her boot wasn't visible. That's when the conspiracy theories started to swirl, though Urban's explanation set the record straight.

"Nicole, did you hurt your foot dancing to the music? Heal quickly," one commenter wrote on Urban's post. Another commented, "Hope you are not in pain. Get well Nicole."

Kidman and Urban are currently in Tennessee, though Urban said that they're both itching to get back to Australia and see their family there. With an ankle injury and uncertain travel guidelines in place because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it could be a while.

"We want to be able to see our moms, too, and Nic’s sister is there, all of her family, my brother and his family," Urban said. "Everybody’s there so we're really anxious to get back."

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