Song I Have on Repeat: "Trouble" by Keith Richards

Rolling Stones In Concert - Raleigh, NC
Photo: Chris McKay/Getty Images

Keith Richards has still got it.

After 20 years of relative silence, the prolific Rolling Stones guitarist, who strummed some of the rock band's most famous ditties, from "Paint It Black" to "Sympathy for the Devil," has released his third-ever solo album. Titled Crosseyed Heart (available now), this effort does not disappoint. With tinges of country and blues, coupled with the Stones' quintessential rhythm guitar, the 15-track compilation is at once upbeat and soothingly emotive.

But the track we can't seem to get enough of is the first single, "Trouble," in which Richards plays both electric and acoustic guitars, bass, lead, and backup vocals (talk about a one-man show). It begins with a powerful guitar riff reminiscent of "Can't You Hear Me Knocking" (off the 1971 album Sticky Fingers) before his raw, wheezy voice chimes in:

Just because you find yourself

Off the streets again

That don't mean that I can help you

or I ain't your friend

It sounds like a mix of Lou Reed and Bob Dylan, but with each accompanying guitar stroke coalescing into a perfectly rugged melody, it's irrefutably Richards. And it's so good to have him back.

Listen to "Trouble" below, and buy Crosseyed Heart for $13 on the iTunes Store.

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