We speak from personal experience here. When you're dealing with consistent breakouts, you'll try anything to get them to stop. But sometimes the secret to calming down your skin isn't layering on creams, serums, spot treatments, lotions, and potions. Sometimes it's just simply leaving your complexion alone. That's the solution that Keira Knightley says finally helped her deal with her "really bad" skin.

In an interview with Vogue UK, the 32-year-old actress said she only made the discovery eight years ago, after road-testing just about every trick, hack, and cure out there.

Keira Knightley Skincare Routine - LEAD
Credit: Getty Images / Pascal Le Segretain

"I had really bad skin until I was 24 and up until then I did everything under the sun to it," she revealed. "Then one day I thought I would try to leave it and that's what suited it better. That's also why I always want to wear as little make-up as possible when I am not working. When I'm filming, I always have a breakout as we have to cake the make-up on. I think it needs a break every now and again to be able to breathe."

When she's not working, Knightley said she sticks to moisturizer, concealer, and some lip balm.

After learning the same horrible lesson we all did in the early 2000s, Knightley decided to take the same less-is-more approach to her eyebrows. "Really early on in my career a make-up artist said to me: you will always be able to know if someone is a good make-up artist because if they tell you to pluck your brows, run a million miles. I have always stuck to that. Partly because when I was 21, I did one of those LA brow treatments (the type of one that makes everyone's brows look the same) and it looked awful. The proportions of my face didn't work at all with less of a brow, so I am very glad they grew back!"

So instead of obsessively covering up the next zit that crops up on your chin with foundation and concealer, and potentially clogging up the pore even more, take a cue from Knightley and just let it be.