By Jane Asher
Updated: Nov 14, 2016 @ 4:53 pm

Fresh-faced and fancy-free Keira Knightley, looks gorgeous in a new promo video for Chanel's fine jewelry collection, Coco Crush.

The collection, which launched in June 2016, offers elegant rings and bracelets with timeless designs set with delicate diamonds. Knightley herself models a few of the rings in the short video, which features the actress answering rapid fire and "would you rather" type questions. In the video, the actress wears her hair pulled back into a simple low ponytail, looking gorgeous in minimal makeup, and a simple black cardigan over a white shirt. 

Some of our favorite highlights in the sweet video include the question, "Your favorite phrase," to which the British actress appropriately answers, "keep calm and carry on," a motto used in 1940s Britain as a patriotic call to its citizens during WWII. Another adorable moment in the video comes when Knightley is asked "one or several," and answers, "several" pointing to the many Chanel rings on her fingers with a smile. 

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In her previous ad campaign for the collection, Knightley was dressed in a simple black dress, hair pulled back by a headband into a sleek bun, and adorned with classic Chanel fine jewelry, perfectly personifying Coco Chanel herself. 

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We love both sides of Knightley—fresh-faced and casual or dolled up and glam. Either way she looks gorgeous and is the perfect face for the fine jewelry collection.