The trailer signals a bleak era for the Kardashian-Jenners.

By Mariah Smith
Updated Mar 27, 2019 @ 4:30 pm
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In a startling shift from their usual energetic and upbeat season trailers (the ones showcasing sister fights and pranks on Kris Jenner), the trailer for season 16 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians takes an eerie turn. Shrouded in a layer of deep misery and emotional psychosis, we get a look into the biggest real-life dramas that pad the scripted storylines in the season to come.

Those who have watched the show know that sometimes, the family breezes past the tabloid fodder that happens while they're filming. When Kylie hid her pregnancy, we never saw her hide it — though she did talk about it in a confessional interview. When Khloe found out that Tristan cheated on her in April 2018, just days before she delivered their child, we saw some reactions from the sisters, but Khloe’s interactions with Tristan were left on the cutting room floor.

But, dear reader, it looks like both the Good Lord and Kris Jenner have answered our prayers and endless pleas: On season 16 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, we will finally get a look behind the dramatic curtain on the Calabasas community of Oz.

If you’re not a fan of horror films, or your still having night terrors from seeing Us last weekend, I advise you not to watch this trailer. Or, at the very least, watch it before the sun sets, as you’ll have a better chance of getting a full night’s rest. The sinister horror and trauma of this trailer will not soon be forgotten, and I will not be liable for anyone’s mental health from this point forward. However, I will detail the best things this trailer teased for us, so you get all the info without the pain of viewing it yourself.

“Cheers to Jordyn and Kylie”

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Experts at satiating the fan’s palette, the trailer begins with hints that Khloe’s most recent breakup with Tristan will be the main event of the season. Through tears, Khloe tells the camera during a confessional “I’m not just a TV show, like, this is my life.” We then see Khloe in her car yelling to someone on the other end of her cell phone, “My family was ruined!” And, while FaceTiming a third party (best friend Malika by her side) Khloe scries (scream-cries) “LIAR!”

All of this sets the tone for even more Khloe and Khloe-adjacent pain: there are flashes of her praying alone, crying in various locations, moping on sets looking despondent. This palpable torment is compounded by visions of happier times, specifically the release of Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods’ Kylie Cosmetics collaboration launch. Kris toasts the (currently severed) duo, saying “Cheers to Jordyn and Kylie.” The screen turns red. The trauma continues.

A Move to Chicago?

Kim Kardashian also appears to experience some pain this season, though hers is rooted in her relationship with Kanye West. Publicly, the couple have been put through the online ringer, considering Kanye’s politically incorrect outbursts on Twitter and accusations that slavery was a choice. But, none of these events ruffled Kim’s feathers more than Kanye’s desire to move to Chicago. In the trailer, Kim says, “moving to Chicago might be my breaking point.” If that's what it takes, Kim...well, sure?

Kourtney Thirsting For Scott?

Single Kourtney Kardashian just might have the best season this year out of all her family members. So far, no one’s accused her of being the “least interesting to look at,” or questioned her work ethic. What they may question is her ability to get over Scott. Then again, she doesn’t seem bothered. When asked how many people she’s ever been in love with, Kourtney replies, “One.” She says this through a cheeky smile, that foreshadows her stirring up drama between Scott and girlfriend Sofia — or possibly embarking on a path to find her second true love.

Kendall Putting In Work

Always the odd sister out, Kendall Jenner seems the least eager to participate in her family's reality show. She’s now a supermodel, and in recent years her screen time has been cut down. If the season 16 trailer is any indication, though, she’s come to earn her KUWTK check. In the clip, she’s heard telling an unknown person, “You’ll put me down, just to make yourself not look lame.” Kendall’s most likely talking to Kylie. They’ve always at a contentious relationship, despite being best friends. Often, the two are seen getting into fights that revolve around not spending too much time with one another, or being on separate pages, work-wise.

Kendall also struggles with her fame, “Everyone feels like the have the right to talk about you. Even though they have absolutely no idea what’s going on.” Let us in, Kendall! We want to be with you.

Kylie's Back

Credit: Erik Voake/Getty Images

A welcome return this season will be a full-time Kylie Jenner. Last season, she was mostly seen on the other side of a FaceTime, or from the neck up, adding nothing to the general storylines of the season. Now that she’s off maternity leave, we’ve got one of our hardest workers back, and she’s not missed a beat. Most of the trailer shows Kylie posing for various cameras in bold designs, both on the face and body. In this season, a season whose theme is most likely “grief,” Kylie says, “I just hope there’s a light at the end of this tunnel, but I don’t see it right now.” Most likely she’s referencing the scandal between Jordyn Woods and Tristan Thompson that tore their friendship apart.

Another Baby

There are bright spots in the trailer, and very helpful reminders. As many of us often forget, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are expecting another baby! Like Chicago, the baby will be born via surrogate, but since people aren’t digging up this surrogate’s personal info like last time, the pregnancy has not been as publicized. But, there will be a baby nonetheless! This news also introduces new footage of Kanye West playing with North, and showcasing happy times for the family.

Kanye Being Kanye

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Kanye West and his beliefs have been tried in the court of public opinion, but we’ve yet to see any ramifications cast down upon him from Kris Jenner...until now. Notorious for his disinterest in participating in his wife’s show, he’s been more open to making the rare appearance throughout more recent seasons. Typically they’re short and sweet, but not this time. Not only is Kanye seen with his wife and children, but we also get many a glimpse of his mind boggling Sunday Service that he started this year.

Kanye also gave permission for the television show to use his 2010 song “Runaway,” a haunting soundtrack to accompany the conclusion of this nightmarish trailer. All of this may have been a warning, but I’ve taken it as the best invitation ever to visit the seventh circle of hell on Sunday, March 31 at 9pm EST on E!