Kim and Kanye Had a Huge Blowup — Over a Band-Aid

This season on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, fans have had to keep up with cliques, not the entire family. But in tonight's episode, the battle wasn't between the sisters, it was between Kanye West and adhesive bandages. As the sisters Kardashian kept their battles going (Yes, Kourtney is still on the outs. Yes, Khloé is very much pregnant), Twitter users were focusing in on the fact that Kanye can't get his own Band-Aid and that any bandages out there simply aren't good enough for him

During one scene, a fight between Kim and Kanye escalated from some comments of Kim's social media — Kanye wanted some snaps posted in a certain order and Kim didn't comply — and went on to end with an argument over Band-Aids. Kanye asks for some bandages and when he doesn't get the appropriate color, he blows up. Apparently, none of them matched his skin tone.

Kim Kardashian Kanye West Louis Vuitton Paris Fashion Week
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"When you have three kids it's kind of a wild household, so I wish he would understand I'm tired," Kim said, realizing that a fight over a Band-Aid was as ridiculous as it seemed to viewers.

Khloé had some advice for her sister after the incident.

"Sometimes men still want to be treated as the first baby. Your husband still wants you to take care of him," Khloé said. "And I'm sure that with three kids you're tired at the end of the day."

But not everyone agreed, noting that Kanye could have (and should have) gotten his own bandages.

Eventually, the Band-Aids became a joke, with Kim snagging a few options for her husband when Valentine's Day came around. And maybe now that he's got plenty to choose from, West can calm down when he gets a boo-boo. And who knows, maybe some fashion-forward Yeezy Band-Aids are on the horizon. If anyone can make bandages fashion, it's Kanye.

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