Kayleen McAdams Shares Overnight Beauty Hacks That Let You Sleep In

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Out of all the Disney princesses, we envy Sleeping Beauty the most on those mornings where getting out of bed early to start our beauty routine feels like fighting a losing battle. To help us buy extra time pounding the snooze button, we asked makeup artist Kayleen McAdams to share her favorite overnight beauty lifehacks that work magic while you sleep—sage advice for those of us who are perpetually late/tired. "Sometimes I'll go to bed with braids in my hair. I like to do a loose French braid, pin it up, and then when I take it out, my hair has a nice beach wave to it," she tells us. The same method can be used to help your blowout bounce back. She suggests pulling your hair into a high bun, then using a French hairpin to anchor it into place.

By repurposing Victoria Beckham's favorite hydrating balm as a body cream, McAdams also saves time layering on lotion in the morning. "When I got to Canada, I lather the Weleda Skin Food ($19; weleda.com) all over my whole body, then put on flannel pajamas and socks," she says. "The next morning, you wake up and your skin is so hydrated, and it feels amazing. Besides, if it's good enough for Victoria Beckham, it's good enough for us!"

Should insomnia get the better of you, McAdams recommends making the most of that time by extending things to your wardrobe as well. "I know if I'm not going to get a lot of sleep the next morning, I prepare the night before and I'm like a kid in school where I pick out all my clothes, and lay them," she says. "I'll make sure they're not wrinkled, and will have my shoes sitting there. I'm even turning into my parents where I'll prep my entire breakfast situation, but I'd rather have those extra 20 minutes of sleep in the morning, and it makes a huge difference to not be scrambling the next morning."

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