By Jennifer Davis
Updated Jul 31, 2013 @ 12:00 pm
Courtesy Photo; Cobra Snake

Katy Perry recently revealed info about her next album, Prism, by sending a big gold truck with its name and release date cruising through Los Angeles. Fans snapped photos as it made its way down the California streets -- if you see it take a picture; she'll give you a RT on Twitter -- and the excitement doesn't stop there. Perry's longtime stylist, Johnny Wujek, revealed that they're already gearing up for her the Prism launch by pre-planning her looks. "It’s going to be amazing," he told last night at American Eagle’s Rock Your Walk event in New York City. While Wujek was tight lipped when it came to specifics, he did offer up some clues as what fans can expect. "Forget about the candy and all that stuff and take it to the next level," he continued. "She’s grown up." As for the meaning behind the album title? "Prism takes light and it shoots it back out, so it’s her just taking it all in and then shining out her light on her fans." We can't wait to bask in it! Let the countdown until November 22 commence.

Plus, see Katy Perry's best Wujek-styled looks.

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