Katy Perry Awkwardly Admitted That Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan Aren't Invited to Her Wedding

Try not to cringe.

Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan can scratch at least one obligatory wedding appearance off their lists this season.

Katy Perry and her fellow American Idol judges stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday and things quickly shifted from jovial to Curb Your Enthusiasm-level cringe-inducing.

Naturally, the topic of Perry’s upcoming wedding to Orlando Bloom was broached. Kimmel’s first question? “Will these guys be invited to the wedding?” Perry was quick on the draw, responding, “I can’t afford them!” Bryan and Richie laughed, but when the laughter faded out, Richie quietly replied, “Yeah, you can” (!!!).

Perry tried to change the subject, describing herself as a “bride-chilla,” telling Kimmel she’s “kind of chill” when it comes to wedding planning — except for one small detail ... “I am one of those girls where I got engaged Feb. 14 and I booked the place Feb. 19. I took it very seriously.”

Palatable anecdote aside, Kimmel would not relent. “Will these guys be expected to sing at your wedding?” he asked.

“Like I said, I can’t afford them,” Perry repeated, adding, "Look, they have a lot of work to do while I'm out getting married again," she joked. Smart move, Perry — self-deprecating humor is a great escape mechanism. That said, it did not work.

“I feel like this is your way of saying they are actually not invited to the wedding,” Kimmel said.

“It’s gonna be a small wedding!” Perry mock-screamed.

"Lionel and I, we've been dropping hints and this solidified [it],” Bryan said.

And there, you’ve seen it — the most impressive feat of investigative journalism to ever transpire on late night television.

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