Katy Perry Pays a Visit to Impoverished Children in Vietnam as UNICEF'S Goodwill Ambassador

Katy Perry - Vietnam - LEAD

Katy Perry is using her incomparable star power to do good. The pop superstar and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador recently traveled to Vietnam's rural Ninh Thuan province (one of the country's poorest and most remote regions) to visit UNICEF programs aimed at assisting impoverished families with disabled children.

"It was heartbreaking to meet a grandmother who was left to care for four grandchildren after her daughter passed away. The family lives off a bumpy path in a remote village in the hills, and one of the grandchildren, a five-year-old named Linh, became severely malnourished. If a UNICEF-trained outreach worker had not come to the village, and made sure Linh got the care she needed, she might not be alive today," said Perry. "Linh is one of millions of children who face such challenges every day. That's something we should all be worried about."

As part of her visit, Perry sat in on a day at Quang Son Daycare Center, which serves children with disabilities as well as children who are ethnic minorities in the area.

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"All the children I met have incredible dreams. We have to help them fight for those dreams. Investing in the most disadvantaged to give them a fair chance in life is not only the right thing to do, it is the best way to break the cycle of poverty and drastically improve children's health, education and well-being," said Katy.

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The 31-year-old has been working as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador since December 2013.

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