Katy Perry - Lead
Credit: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Katy Perry is in the studio making new music—and questionable dental decisions.

The "Firework" singer shared a quick peek at what she's working on over the weekend via two Instagram Stories. In the first she revealed the aftermath of an important lesson about the power of the permanent marker. The 32-year-old apparently had a bit of free time during recording and decided to draw on one of her front teeth with a black Sharpie for fun. Unfortunately, the permanent marker turned out to be very, well ... pretty permanent.

"I drew on my tooth with a sharpie for fun and now it won't come off," the singer wrote as she revealed her handiwork, opening her mouth slowly to show what looks a giant gap in her pearly whites. Perhaps most interesting (and exciting), however, is what's happening in the background of the funny clip. About four seconds of what sounds like a new track with heavy beats and Perry's vocals can be heard. A second video shows Perry continuing to work on the song, playing the guitar over the pop-y backing. Watch them here:

This is huge for Perry, who spent most of 2016 throwing her weight behind presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton. She last released an album—Prism—in 2013 and her only new musical endeavor this year was "Rise," the powerful Olympic anthem.

We can't wait to hear what she's working on, and wish her the best of luck dealing with that unfortunate Sharpie situation.