Italians Aren't Really Singing Katy Perry and Madonna From Their Balconies

But they are still showing solidarity.

By now, you've seen the viral videos of quarantined citizens singing "Roar" from their Italian balconies, but in reality, things aren't what they seem. According to W, the videos are part of a "meme hoax."

Not to undercut what's actually happening, Italians really are taking to their balconies to sing, but they're not singing Katy Perry or Madonna. The artists reposted the clips on their social media accounts, though Perry did delete her initial post (her updated post still features the clip, she only changed her flag emoji from Hungary to Italy). She didn't mention anything about her song.

Katy Perry Italian Singing Coronavirus
Daniel Pockett/Getty Images

A similar video featured Madonna's "I Rise."

Other Twitter users showed just how easy it is to slap some music on a video.

While the Italian people aren't getting together to sing Top 40 hits and Madonna deep cuts, they're still showing just how resilient the human spirit is in light of the current coronavirus quarantines. The balcony (and rooftop) singalongs are just one way that they're staying connected while still keeping a safe distance. So, if you're enjoying the impromptu karaoke, don't let the facts stop you. But if you're sharing them, know that you might look like you're not in on the joke.

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