Katy Perry Officially Launches Her Own Interactive Mobile Game—Here's the Scoop

Katy Perry Pop - LEAD
Photo: Glu Mobile

In case you weren’t able to catch Katy Perry in one of her Prismatic World Tour spots, the “Teenage Dream” singer is back with a new project that we’re sure has already sent KatyCats everywhere into an uproar. Dubbed Katy Perry Pop (what else?), the pop star finally released her first-ever mobile game and the results are colorful, cartoony, and definitely cheerful.

Available through Apple’s App Store and Google Play, the interactive adventure allows you to step in Perry’s shoes and begin a path towards musical stardom directly from the former Super Bowl performer’s hometown of Santa Barbara, Calif. Similar to Kim Kardashian’s explosive game, this one also allows you to play with different characters and head to exclusive, VIP events.

But how’s this app different from anything else out there? Perry gives you a slew of outfit choices to create your own out-of-this-world look, along with the opportunity to record your own music (and music videos) and share them with friends who also fall in love with the game.

Watch the video below to preview the virtual experience—and let the shots below show you how to truly showcase your Perry prowess.

Katy Perry Pop - 1
Glu Mobile
Katy Perry Pop - 2
Glu Mobile
Katy Perry Pop - 3
Glu Mobile
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