Katy Perry’s a self-proclaimed “courtside killer queen,” the kind of diva you’d expect to see on the city streets trailed by a posse of staffers and eager paparazzi.

That being said, we were pretty confounded when we came across a photo of the “Swish, Swish” singer on the sidewalk in London, seemingly holding an umbrella for her fashion designer pal Jeremy Scott.

Credit: MEGA

Umm … we’re pretty sure that’s not Perry’s job. Where are KP’s loyal umbrella holders?!? Does she need to add one to her staff?

We have a lot of questions, but chief among them: Is the chart topper reinventing herself as a celebrity assistant??

Imagine it: Perry fetching lattes and placing frenzied calls to PR contacts, hiding in the background, waiting for her moment to steal the spotlight … Trading Spaces: Superstars vs. Relative Normals? Hands down, would watch.

We'll have to get Jeremy Scott's confirmation on this, but we bet Katy Kat is a very assertive Starbucks orderer.