Katy Perry Was Injured by a Jellyfish After Flyboarding into One

Katy Perry might want to pay more attention to where she's "swish swish"-ing from now on. The singer started 2018 with a nasty sting after she unintentionally met a jellyfish up close.

During what was supposed to be a fun-filled day of flyboarding, Perry got a little more than she bargained for when she jetted into the air and then landed right on top of the critter in the water.

On Thursday, she posted an Instagram with video footage of the incident and a picture of her injury. In the clip, Perry blows kisses into the air and even pulls down her bikini bottoms to moon the camera person at one point. But the fun and games turn sour when Perry takes a tumble and apparently hits the jellyfish.

"#tbt to when I thought I was winning 2018 and then fell into a jellyfish. kewl," she captioned the post.

Watch it here:

The welt it gave her blossomed over most of her knee, and it looks pretty painful.

On Tuesday, Perry hit the red carpet for Stella McCartney's "Stella-chella," but she wore a long gown that covered her legs entirely.

Let's hope Perry will be able to avoid tumbling in the future (or at least pick jellyfish-free waters).

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