Gaga, oh la la.


Mazel to Katy Perry, who announced to the great wide internet that she and her beau Orlando Bloom got engaged on Valentine's Day, which is 100% fitting for someone who seems to be the embodiment of a Saturday morning cartoon. Congratulations aside, Perry's ring is drawing some interesting comparisons, because it looks very similar to Lady Gaga's. While it's not surprising that two superstars would have big ol' rocks, what may be surprising is that Gaga's fiancé, Christian Carino, happens to have Perry on his client list.

According to Insider, Perry and Gaga's engagement rings are classic floral halo designs, which feature a large center stone surrounded by smaller ones. It's a timeless style that's always a favorite for brides-to-be. Grant Mobley, a gemologist, told Insider that Perry's looks to be a combination of white diamonds and a ruby.

Compared to Perry's raspberry stunner, Gaga's center stone is a little more subtle. It's pink and, according to Mobley, an "oval-cut, pink sapphire surrounded by a halo of round diamonds." Could Carino have given Bloom a few pointers? It certainly seems that way, since the styles are very similar. (And Princess Eugenie's ring is also in the same vein.)

But the plot thickens. E! Online notes that Bloom could just have a penchant for the classic style. Perry's ring (and, by default, Gaga's) bears a bit of a resemblance to the one he gave to his ex, Miranda Kerr, in 2010. Her ring didn't have a bold, colored center stone, but it does have the same halo design. So, either Bloom got a little nudge from his fiancée's rep or he's definitely got a type. Either way, Perry's got a big hunk of hardware to show off.