Oh Katy Perry, you fabulous weirdo. With the help New York City's Whitney Museum, the singer recently took promoting her single "Bon Appetit" to creepy new heights—no easy feat for the famously out-there pop star.

In a prank exhibit created by Vanity Fair at the renowned art museum, Perry, 32, brought the cover art for the track to life by serving up her own head on a platter surrounded by fruit. "This is like the 67th weirdest thing I've ever done," she joked before unsuspecting visitors filtered in to check out the "video exhibit."

As the group walked in to find the singer's head sitting pretty atop a picnic table, they were told: "The artist is called Katheryn Hudson [Perry's given name], it's kind of rumination on the feast of life and everything we have to eat, and the two-faced capitalist system that we are currently living in."

Not surprisingly, it didn't take them long to recognize Perry, who was all too willing to ham it up for her fans.

Well, thanks Katy, there goes our appetite ... again. Check out the prank in the video at top.