Need proof that Katy Perry would make the most fun wedding guest? Take one look at these photos and videos and you’ll be adding the Firework singer to your next guest list.

The star crashed Hayley Rosenblum and Blonie Dudney’s nuptials at the Four Seasons Hotel in St. Louis on Saturday night, and she made quite the impression on the happy newlyweds. In true Katy Perry fashion, she got down on the dance floor with the bride, bumping and grinding like only a pop star can.

“All of a sudden a huge group of people came rushing in and they were wearing shorts and T-shirts and jeans and hoodies,” a wedding guest told The Kansas Star. “They were not dressed in wedding attire.”

Perry was dressed in a navy jumpsuit and light pink baseball cap, making her stand out from the crowd. According to the guest, the pop star and her crew stayed for about 10 minutes, dancing and posing for pictures with the bride and groom.

The Swish Swish singer was staying at the Four Seasons Hotel for her Witness tour, and she performed on Sunday at St. Louis’s Scottrade Center.

Here’s to hoping she continues crashing parties as she makes her way through her worldwide tour.