Katy Perry is taking it back (to the French Revolution) with her new music video for "Hey Hey Hey," set to release on Wednesday.

In the sneak peeks Perry has posted to her Instagram, the singer is virtually unrecognizable in full period dress, clad in waist-cinching ball gowns and extravagant jewelry. She’s utterly transformed with porcelain skin, doll-like makeup, and a delicate mole, a voluminous 18th century-style wig atop her head.

In true KP fashion, the singer also strips down while channeling the royal, showing off a lace-bearing petticoat, fishnet stockings, and a frilly strapless corset.

“katy-claus is coming down ur chimney tomorrow with a visual gift ok,” Perry captioned a behind-the-scenes video clip.

In addition to moonlighting as the late Queen of France, the 33-year-old also appears in chic knight-like garb, rocking a bowl cut, chain mail, and silver over-the-knee boots.

The scene looks lavish as can be. We just hope Katy doesn’t lose her head in the extravagance of it all.