Hold the Phone! Katy Perry May Make an Appearance in Taylor Swift's New Music Video

Are Katy Perry and Taylor Swift finally ready to bid adieu to their alleged bad blood?

While the songstresses both appeared to have thrown some jabs at each other through their music over the years, the duo may be ready to let bygones be bygones once and for all.

As footage from the “Shake It Off” singer's new Miami-based music video for the song "End Game" circled the web on Wednesday, fans couldn’t help but notice a Perry look-alike among her back-up dancer squad.

Additionally, E! News reports that the “Swish Swish” hitmaker, who shared that she was heading to Miami to prepare for her last Witness: The Tour performance this year, filmed a cameo for the Grammy Award-winner after the pair resolved their conflict earlier this week.

Neither Swift or Perry have confirmed the news, but considering that the divas’s dispute reportedly originated over back-up dancers, this sounds like the perfect (and most hilarious!) way to put their quarrel to bed.

Fingers crossed!

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