Man, Met Gala bathrooms are wild. 


Oh to be a fly on the Met Gala bathroom wall.

The bathrooms have garnered a reputation for being where the action happens — mostly thanks to that whole smoking selfie debacle of 2017. This year, however, the Met bathroom is the backdrop for an awkward encounter between two A-list celebrities doing Normal Things, like shimmying into hamburger costumes. Yes, this is about Katy Perry.

The 34-year-old arrived at the Met steps on Monday evening dressed as a chandelier, which, OK, yes, Katy. Do you. While her Moschino ensemble literally lit up the pink carpet, her careful steps and snail-slow ascent up the stairs led us to believe that it was perhaps not quite practical for a seated dinner.

Katy Perry
Credit: John Shearer/Getty Images for THR

What's an anthropomorphic chandelier to do, really, other than change 'fits? Perry, a pro, came prepared. She ditched her light fixture look and changed into a full hamburger suit, completing her strange metamorphosis. (We can't quite make sense of this evolution, either.)

Katy Perry Met Gala
Credit: Daniel Zuchnik/GC Images

Unfortunately for Katy, those fluffy buns, patty and all her fixings don't exactly make for the most bathroom stall friendly-attire. A video of her struggle to get back into costume surfaced on Monday night showing the singer, who wore a lettuce-inspired green mini dress under her hamburger, hoisting the contraption back on her body.

The must-see moment of the entire 18-second clip, however, is Jennifer Lopez's brief cameo. The singer, who stuck to her single Versace gown throughout the evening, can be seen exiting the bathroom after casting a disinterested glance at Perry as she passes, as though watching a grown woman assembling herself into a burger is the most natural thing in the world.

If there was anything to desensitize you to costume madness, J. Lo has just proven it's a "Camp"-themed Met Gala.