Katy Perry Wants These Two Stars to Join Her on the American Idol Judging Panel

While we wonder who will play the future Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson to Katy Perry's Simon Cowell, the pop star already has a few named in mind.

As the "Swish Swish" songstress prepares to channel the "grumpy" icon in the upcoming American Idol reboot, she named two unexpected musicians as her ideal choices to co-judge the popular series while speaking with the show's future host, Ryan Seacrest, on Wednesday..

"I'm really pulling for Lionel [Richie], because I think Lionel is an icon, and not only that, but if you've ever met Lionel, he just knows how to charm the whole room ... I love Lionel," she gushed.

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Perry's second choice, although a new face on the music scene, boasts a dedicated group of fans and fresh talent. "Charlie [Puth] I think is an interesting play because Charlie Puth is someone new to the general public of America," she explained. "Obviously he has his own big fan base, but I think he's really talented," she continued. "He's a writer; he's a producer; he's young; he's hip; he's fresh. Between Lionel and me, it would be nice to have someone a little more fresh."

The star also opened up about her judging style, and admitted that she identifies more with former American Idol mainstay Cowell. "He was just truthful, you know?" the 32-year-old said, refuting claims that the iconic judge is "mean" or "grumpy."

She concluded: "He's seen it. I don't need to be there to win the popular race."

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