Holmes & Yang New York Fashion Week
Credit: Getty Images (2)

While Katie Holmes the actress, is busy prepping for her latest Broadway production, Katie Holmes the designer is all about you. “We as women spend a lot of money on clothes, they better make us look skinny and hot,” Holmes told at the Holmes & Yang presentation this morning at New York Fashion Week. Her partner Jeanne Yang reinforces the importance of looking amazing—and also looking yourself. “You can be that girl that throws on a tough leather jacket,” she says. “But you can still be really girly.” And a tough leather jacket is actually Holmes's most-coveted piece from the collection. “The quilted leather jacket [is my favorite]. What I love about it is that it’s masculine and feminine. I would wear it with jeans and a t-shirt, but I'd also put it with a little black cocktail dress, and shorts for the weekend.” And a wide range of ladies consider themselves Holmes & Yang women. “A couple of seasons ago, we had a girl buy our maxi dress for her prom,” Holmes tells us. “Then the same dress was sold to a woman in her sixties who was going on vacation. It was really nice to see that happen.”

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— Violet Gaynor