Katie Holmes Is Wearing a Trench Coat, So It's Officially Fall

It's the day after Labor Day weekend.

Labor Day is in the rearview mirror and Starbucks has pumpkin spice on the menu again, so it's clear to us and Katie Holmes that the sizzling temps are meaningless and summer is officially over. In honor of autumn, coziness, and all that goes against bathing suits, spiked seltzer, and half-day Friday, Holmes stepped out wearing a trench coat to usher in the new season and make all of us forget just how much we're sweating it out.

Holmes's oversized topper made a big statement, not only because it was perfectly sunny when she debuted the look. With billowing, oversized sleeves and slouchy shoulders, it wasn't one of the tailored and trim trenches that we're used to seeing as stand-in dresses. Instead, Holmes was going all-in, pairing the big coat with equally chunky dad-style sneakers and straightforward blue jeans. Instead of going sans shirt — a go-to styling move for Hollywood's luminaries — Holmes added a white T-shirt, big sunglasses, and a pendant necklace.

Katie Holmes College
Felipe Ramales / SplashNews.com

It's not the first time this year that Holmes appeared to prematurely dip into her seasonal wardrobe. Last month, she gave the turtleneck a summer-appropriate twist by opting for a cropped version to beat the heat. She even managed to make a ho-hum cardigan super sexy and dress up a pair of plain black leggings to make her outfit look appropriate for just about any occasion. It's not all about transition dressing for Holmes, however. Last month, during the height of a midsummer heatwave, she wore overalls without a shirt, proving that she's sticking to her personal style no matter the weather report.

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