Katie Holmes
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The award for the most adorable event in N.Y.C.'s recent history has to go to the launch party of Pillowfort, Target’s just-released collection of too-cute-to-be-true children’s furniture, decor, and toys. The fête was decked out with play areas showcasing pieces from the line, plus crafting stations to keep pint-sized attendees well-occupied. We got to steal some time with none other than Katie Holmes, who was just one of the celebrity moms spotted at the event, along with Maggie Gyllenhaal and Camila Alves. She revealed to us her decorating style, favorite kid’s party theme, and gave us a peek into her own childhood.

Is there anything from the Pillowfort collection that you would steal for your own bedroom?
I love all the signs they have and the flamingothrow pillow, but it would have to be the pineapple lamp, for sure ($30;

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Credit: Courtesy Target

What’s your decorating style?
I’m very much into decor and am constantly repainting rooms. I like a lot of color in my house, so I go for bright colors—a different color for each room—and bring in antique furniture. The bedroom walls though, I keep white.

What’s your favorite theme for a kid’s birthday party?
I love a cupcake theme party where all the guests get to decorate their own. It can get really messy! I went to one at Georgetown Cupcake once and it was great.

Did you build pillow forts growing up?
Yes! My sister and I made a lot of forts using a mix of chairs and blankets from all over the house. Then my sister and I would have sock fights instead of pillow fights in the dark—that way our parents didn’t hear us—and in the morning we would find socks all around the room.