Why Does Katie Holmes Keep Wearing Paint-Splattered Sweatpants?

We're on the case. 

Katie Holmes has always been a walking enigma. From her (at times comically) private relationship with Jamie Foxx to her wildly eclectic style, it’s difficult to figure out who, exactly, the Dawson’s Creek alum really is. And then there’s her daughter with Tom Cruise, Suri, who turns 13 tomorrow. Holmes has shared little to nothing about her only child, and that probably won't change anytime soon.

But despite the haze that shrouds all things Holmes, there are some mysteries we can tackle clue-by-clue — one of which happens to be the actress’s recent affinity for paint-splattered sweatpants.

Exhibit A:

On a gray Sunday in N.Y.C., Holmes stepped out in a pair of navy sweatpants bearing streaks of white paint, a pale pink sweatshirt with red paint stains, Adidas Superstars with red stripes and small paint stains, a giant leather handbag that looks buttery as hell, a pair of quintessential “casual movie star” shades, and a green juice.

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - April 14, 2019
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It’s Sunday, so the vibe is rightfully relaxed. We were intrigued, at first, but no more so than when she (and Prada) decided to make feather hems a thing.

Exhibit B:

Katie, Jamie, and another pair of paint-splattered sweats take the streets of N.Y.C., just two days after Exhibit A was taken. She’s fully leaning into the easy-going vibe this time around, adding a Patagonia fleece and a craft beer baseball cap to the already low-key ensemble.

Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx Paint
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Bonus Exhibit:

Back in December 2018, Katie was spotted wearing paint-splattered jeans. Was this the result of an art project gone awry, or a pre-made fashion statement? We’re assuming the former, since it’s not 2002 and Katie isn’t heading to the premiere of Crossroads.

Katie Holmes Paint Pants
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So … why are Katie’s pants covered in paint? Let’s investigate.

The clues abound on Holmes’s Instagram account. And the splatters most likely have something to do with her work as global ambassador for public arts organization Artolution, for which she and Suri recently traveled to a refugee camp in Greece.

Lately, Katie’s feed has taken a more artistic bent and featured works of art.

The most telling, of course, was a photo of an abstract painted tote bag in which Katie’s Adidas Superstars-clad feet are seen at the edge of the shot.

So I suppose the “why” of her stained sweats has an answer: she’s an artist! But it doesn’t account for the “what”: What is her artistic interest amounting to?

Well, we have some theories:

1) She's opening her own Etsy shop

Who wouldn't want a paint-splattered tote bag decorated by Katie's very own brush? If raising money for Artolution is her aim, this would be a pretty intuitive way to do it. Maybe she can sell the pants, too.

2) She's playing a painter in an upcoming movie

Katie stars in the long-anticipated adaptation of self-help book/phenomenon The Secret, which is all about wish fulfillment through positive thinking. Perhaps her Secret character has dreams of becoming a painter (which she of course accomplishes, because The Secret) and in a few months when the ads begin to circulate, we’ll all make the mental connection to Katie’s paint-splattered pants and she'll win an Oscar.

3) She, too, wants to spar with Mussolini's granddaughter à la Jim Carrey

Just kidding, but art is a spectacular means of communicating with people you'd otherwise have little to do with. She's certainly not the first actor to broaden her interest in the arts to the visual — Carrey, Lucy Liu, and James Franco have all dabbled in various mediums.

You wear those paint-splattered sweats, Katie — wear them proud for the whole world to see.

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