Katie Holmes Opened Up About Becoming a Mom in Her 20s

She said she and daughter Suri "kind of grew up together."

Katie Holmes is the picture of that luxe hygge life (see: her cashmere bra), and the ease that she exhibits in a sexy cardigan, as it turns out, also translates to other aspects of her life, including motherhood.

In a new interview with Elle UK, the actress discussed her relationship with daughter Suri, 13, telling the outlet, "I was happy to become a mom in my twenties."

Holmes, now 40, had Suri with ex Tom Cruise in 2006 when she was 27, which the interviewer noted was "relatively young, by today’s standards."

"It’s been nice that our ages fit… how do I put this? Every age that my child has been and my age at that time has been a good match," she said. "We kind of grew up together."

Though Holmes is fairly private about her daughter (Suri rarely ever features on her Instagram), she and the 13-year-old clearly do have a special bond, as evidenced by all the mother-daughter dates they've been spotted on, from Knicks games to ski trips.

Elswehere in the interview, Holmes also discussed turning 40, telling Elle UK, "It’s interesting to be 40, though, because when you’re young, you think, 'I’m never going to be 40!' And then the day comes and it’s like, this is OK. I’m still doing everything I’ve always done. I feel happy with where my career is and I’m excited for the projects that I have coming up to come to fruition."

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