Katie Holmes Is Now Taking Style Cues from Ariana Grande

Katie Holmes is arguably having the most stylish year of her life, but as with most great success stories, her transformation was born from a fair amount of experimentation.

First came the throwbacks. We traveled back in time with the actress, returning to the Old Hollywood aesthetic of the ‘50s and shoulder-padded bliss of the ‘80s, but now it seems Katie’s squarely focused on 2018.

In New York City on Wednesday, Katie channeled not Marilyn Monroe or Jackie Kennedy, but an icon of our times: Ariana Grande.

Before you ask, no, she didn’t wear her hair in a half-pony or slap on a pair of bunny ears — instead, Holmes adopted a trend worn by the Sweetener singer on an almost daily basis: Lampshading.

For those of you living in the past (or somewhere around 2015), lampshading is the very sophisticated act of layering an oversize sweater or shirt over a pair of thigh-high boots, like so:

American Express And Ariana Grande Present 'The Sweetener Sessions' At Los Angeles's Ace Hotel
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

And yes, retro-obsessed Katie really did this. During a recent outing she paired an oatmeal-colored sweater bearing an eye-grabbing red and mahogany design across the chest with a set of slouchy black over-the-knee boots.

Katie Holmes
Felipe Ramales / SplashNews.com

Wow, 2018 is wild.

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