Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have been dating for years, but there's not a whole lot we know about them since the couple is more secretive than the FBI. (We're not kidding — the fact that the pair was spotted sitting next to each other earlier this year basically caused a tsunami of press coverage).

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx lead
Credit: Kevin Mazur

The cool part about this kind of spy-level secrecy is that they can keep their private lives private. The not so cool part is we don't get to see cute couple pics from them ever, which has us feeling like:

This kind of anti-PDA attitude (a rarity in Hollywood these days — cough, Ariana and Pete, cough) makes it all the more exciting when they remind the world in super subtle ways that they are, in fact, a couple. This week's iteration of that came in the form of fashion, as all good optics plays do.

After Foxx and Holmes were spotted exiting Holmes's NYC apartment (separately, of course), a longer glance at her sunglasses revealed a sweet note of support. Holmes was wearing Privé Revaux sunglasses from Foxx's collection, meaning that she was publicly supporting Foxx, even if she wasn't going to proclaim that to the group of photographers chilling near her home.

Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx Sunglasses 
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It's the kind of muted nod to love that we've come to expect, and at this point, there are no expectations of it getting more explicit than that.

“Katie and Jamie are still careful about being photographed together,” a source recently told People. “Everyone knows they are dating, but they still want to keep it private.” In other words, don't expect Foxx to be jumping on any couches any time soon.

With that kind of commitment to stealth, we'll take what we can get.