Jamie Foxx isn't jumping on couches in public or anything, but I'll be damned he and Katie Holmes aren't the most romantic couple in Hollywood.

Remember the time that Foxx gave Holmes a chivalrous hand while she was climbing out of her SUV? Or when Holmes showed her support for her man by wearing a pair of shades from his eyewear collection with Prive Revaux? Or when they just looked this happy just basking in each other's company?

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx lead
Credit: Kevin Mazur

Haters gonna hate, but Jamie and Katie prove to me that ROMANCE IS ALIVE.

So what's the latest in this string of under-the-radar romantic gestures? Foxx reportedly made a custom perfume for Holmes. Page Six reported that the 50-year-old visited New York's The Scentarium to whip up a fresh scent for his girlfriend.

“Jamie came in on his own to actually create a fragrance for Katie,” perfumist and Scenterprises CEO Sue Phillips told the outlet, adding that Holmes returned the favor.

“[Holmes] came in and we had a nice, lovely, individual consultation, and then I said well let’s make something for Suri and for Jamie. So that was my gift for her,” added Phillips. A gift for Foxx and a gift for her 12-year-old daughter? Two birds, one adorable stone.

If it's good enough for Foxx and Holmes, a custom scent is definitely good for enough for you and your S.O. — but it comes at a cost. A one-on-one consultation like the one that Holmes had will run you $750. For those lovers on a budget, you can also take an online quiz and have your personalized scent delivered to your doorstep for $165.

Spray it with love.